there is no earthly way of knowing, which direction we are going...

Let me show you how I made impact in the past.
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Whole my life...

deep-diving into the beauty and magic of the plants & flowers!
journeying the floriculture industry!

and founded world’s okayest platform

How it started

riding my bike at the age of 10 to garden centers for plants in my room. the most beautiful plant was the ‘medinilla magnifica’. had a few, always trying to prevent the flowers from rotting away. failed each time.


peer-pressure decision to join university (and to avoid conscription). was not meant to be. started working at the flower market in amsterdam city center. found my passion. invested all my money at age 25 and founded 'zen & the art of flower arranging'.

back & forth

found my wife (my rescue). did the necessary self-work and closed the shop. became ‘work slave’ in aalsmeer flower auction.
back to amsterdam to learn from the best at flowershop ivy.

marketing guru

startup bloomly. startup webloom. failed. mortgage.
3 kids. Change plans.
next destination: aalsmeer import/export to be the best in marketing.

floral meetup spot

saw opportunity to bridge gap between florists and growers. and between florists online and consumers.
thursd is changing the global flower industry in ways that most can only imagine.

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Join me

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Industry 2.0


Industry 2.0

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